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Welcome to Piletest!

For over 25 years Piletest is setting the world's standards in pile and deep foundation testing equipment. We continuously develop the cutting edge equipment in the pile integrity testing market, based on the following key products

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Our Products Advantages


Accurate, productive, robust and easy to use 3 years warranty


10 years of free software upgrades


Use your own device (Windows, Android, laptop, tablet, Smartphone)

Complementary SOS

Complimentary SOS (Second Opinion Service) on test results

Our Guarantee

30 days money-back guarantee


27 years of experience in developing pile testing systems for quality and integrity testing of deep foundations


Pile Integrity Test

PET Uses the pulse-echo method (PEM, PIT) for pile integrity testing. A pile test starts when the pile top is struck with a handheld hammer and the PET digital accelerometer records the reflected waves on the computer screen. The resulting signal (reflectogram) readily provides information regarding the pile's length and integrity.

This is the primary method used in the industry for a quick pile integrity test, to control the quality of piles on a site with a large number of piles.​

Two PET versions are available:

PT001 - PET Pro USB

PT002 - PET Bluetooth.

Fully supports the following standards:

ASTM D5882-16,  AFNOR P160-2,4

What our customers say about the PET

"We were up and running on the same day..."


"Have been using it for more than 10 years and found it very reliable"

Delhi, India